Dake Bible for Macintosh (KJV)

Although we've had a software version of the Dake Bible for many years, we've been told by many of our loyal fans that they want something a little less complicated. Many times we've heard you say, "I just want my normal Dake Bible on my computer!"

We think it's a great idea too, and we're excited to announce the new "Dake Bible for Windows". This is exactly the same as our Large Note KJV Dake Bible, but now you can magnify the print to any size you need! Even though you're using a mouse and a computer monitor, it looks like your turning real pages. The bible is fully searchable and it contains a complete Table of Contents too!

As a special introductory offer, we're offering a 10% discount off any already discounted Dake Bible when you purchase the Dake Bible for Windows. A discount code will be sent to you after completing your software purchase.


  1. Complete Dake Annotated Reference Bible
  2. Includes 163-page Cyclopedic Index
  3. Plan of the Ages chart in color
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Link to every major note
  6. Completely searchable
  7. Zoom feature to enlarge font size
  8. Add your own notes and highlights
  9. Realistic page-turning effect
* (Dake Bible for Macintosh requires OS X.7 or later)

Feature Guide for Dake Bible for Macintosh

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