Dake fans are everywhere, even in Cyberspace!

Follow these links to ministry Web sites, personal homepages, and even commercial sites associated with Friends of Dake....

  • Allan Walker Ministries -- Dr. Allan Walker travels as an Evangelist, Bible Teacher and Singer in Churches and conferences. He does PowerPoint presentations on Bible Prophecy, The Tabernacle, The Holy Spirit and other Bible subjects.

  • Believer's Books -- A Supplier of Spirit-filled materials, including all your favorite Dake Products. Great discounts too!

  • From Buddha to Jesus -- An insider's view of Buddhism and Christianity

  • Bibleman Website -- Website of Dake scholar and author Rev. Leon Bible

  • Free Bible Explorer Software! -- The fine folks at WORDsearch are offering their Bible Explorer software at no cost! It's amazing!

  • The Christian Fellowship Center Church -- The Christian Fellowship Center Church in Houston, Texas

  • Christian Tesol -- As their website says, "At Christian tesol we want to help you find everything you need to teach English as a second language and share your faith." They do a great job. Check them out!

  • Communion Bread -- Homemade unleavened bread for Churches and families!

  • Covenant Theological Seminary -- Christian Education on the web!

  • Dake Bible Discussion Board -- Just what it sounds like. Now moderated by Leon Bible. Check it out!

  • Dave Thompson Ministries -- Dake fan Dave Thompson shares his heart for ministry, along with study outlines and ministry links.

  • Dorna's Lighthouse -- Dorna Chambers' extensive site is packed with valuable information. Great stuff on revival!

  • Endtime Harvest Revival -- Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest!

  • FrankButler.org -- This is the website of an evangelist and a wonderful "Friend of Dake." Take a look!

  • FrankSumrall.com -- The global ministries of Frank Sumrall.

  • God's Outreach Ministry, Inc. -- Paul and Connie Van Beek provide a wealth of Bible Study resources through this amazing website. If you want to dig deeper into God's Word, this is a great place to start!

  • The Gravedigger Show -- The what? Yes, it's The Gravedigger Show, Christian Television Programming at its best. You can watch it on channel 57 in Atlanta, or visit the website. Take a look at this interesting program!

  • Healing Waters Ministries -- Dr.Jeremy Mays and his wife wife Niki are evangelists with a ministry in the prophetic and signs and wonders. Audio sermons and devotionals too!

  • HisChurch2 -- Described as "The Church of the Internet for Everyone". Brought to you by Earl and Deanna Davis.

  • Hot Pursuit -- "Saved from a life of violence, crime, & drugs. A fugitive for 10 years running from a 25 to 40 year prison sentence. Hear what happens when he is given a New Testament. An amazing true story."

  • James' and Dave's Bible Page-- A growing, interactive Full Gospel Christian site dedicated to the Good News of the Gospel, the integrity of the Word of God, and the unspeakable joy of the Spirit-filled life

  • Jesusistheway.com -- Missions Worldwide - Pentecostal Missionary Church is located at this site.

  • John G. Hall Ministries -- A student of Rev. Dake, John G. Hall has been one of the leading prophetic teachers of this century.

  • Luke 4:18 Ministries -- Tools for Evangelists and anyone wanting to witness for Christ

  • Messiah's Messengers -- If you're a biker and a Christian, you HAVE to check out this site!

  • Ole Madsen's Homepage -- This Danish brother has an English page with many interesting items, including extensive treatment of the Gap Theory (i.e., the pre-Adamite world, etc.)

  • Pentecostal Faith Assemblies, Inc. -- is an Association of Pentecostal Ministers and Churches. Take a look!

  • Prophetic Warrior -- Ruthie Brown has a website dedicated to Spiritual Warfare. She has some information about her powerful book "Destroying the Works of Witchcraft." Take time to visit this site!

  • Psalms for the World -- The focus of this site is "bringing youths to Christ through a Musical Ministry while providing Sound Biblical Teaching."

  • Refiner's Fire -- Sermons and Christian links. Neat graphics. Check it out!

  • Shiloh Men's Ministries -- Rocky Fondren is the founder & Pastor of Shiloh Ministies in Liberty, Tx. Shiloh Men's Ministries is a one-year discipleship program for young men struggling with substance abuse.

  • Spirit and Truth -- A great site specializing in public-domain dynamically linked bible study aids.

  • Talk to a Pastor -- A Yahoo Groups Chat Room where "You can Talk to a Pastor about God. You can Talk to a Pastor about the Bible."

  • The Threshing Floor of the Word -- From South Africa, Pastor CSJ Claassen presents a personal ministry web page, with a sermon index and links page. Take a look!

  • Vertical Hold --Alternative Christian animation and video. This site rocks!

  • Victorious Living -- This site is all about Deliverance through Spiritual Warfare. Take a look!

  • Victory Tabernacle -- Pastor Barbara Ritter of Victory Tabernacle Church in Danville, Arkansas has a wonderful website.

  • Vintage Bible College -- Online Bible Training. Sounds interesting!

  • WORDsearch Bible Software! -- WORDsearch is the amazing engine behind our Dake Reference Library software for the PC. You can find out about all the amazing tools and resources available for your software here!

  • Your Cross Outreach Ministry -- Evangelist Ken Godfrey providing real help for real issues

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