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Dake on DVD!

As far as we know, these are the only videos available of Rev. Dake teaching from his Plan of the Ages chart. Filmed in Melodyland, Rev. Dake teaches on the subject of the Antichrist from the books of Daniel and Revelation. This set contains two 1-hour DVDs.
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13 digit ISBN: 9781558291679
10 digit ISBN: 1558291676
Price: $19.99


God's Plan for Man 50-hour CD & tape Series

More than 50 hours of teaching is available in this 2-cd set (NOTE: this is a collection of sermons in an mp3 format. It's only for use by a computer or mp3 player). This collection of sermons features Rev. Dake himself teaching on subjects ranging from the origin of the earth to the Rapture and everything in between! (This is the same teaching series available as a 40-cassette tape collection).
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13 digit ISBN: 9781558290990
10 digit ISBN: 1558290990
Price: mp3 CD set: $39.99

Cassette tape set: $175.96


Plan of the Ages Chart

This chart provides full-color illustrations of the subjects dealt with in God's Plan for Man and Revelation Expounded. It is a dispensational chart that shows the purpose of God in creation, both before and after the cross. Ideal for study groups, this chart is available in two formats:

Screen-printed on poster paper:
9 in. x 42 in.
ISBN: 9781558292000

Silk-screened on durable vinyl, with brass grommets for hanging:
2 ft. x 9 ft.
ISBN: 9781558294004

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